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Quiz 19 – Luff on the Lee

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Two 30-foot boats, PW (a windward boat) and PL (a leeward boat), are sail­ing dead downwind on port tack. Boat PL becomes overlapped to leeward of Boat PW from clear astern and the boats are ten feet apart. During the over­lap, PW repeatedly reminds PL not to sail above PL’s proper course, to which PL responds each time, “I’m sailing my proper course.” PW then luffs, mov­ing 30 feet away from PL. PL responds by luffing to within ten feet of PW. PW hails, “Protest!” and flies her protest flag. In the hearing, PL testifies that during the time she was luffing she had been sailing slightly above her prop­er course, but her luff had not affected PW because PW had voluntarily widened the distance between the two boats. You are on the protest commit­tee; how would you decide this?  

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Rules Quiz 18 – On The Run

Sunday, May 18th, 2008

Boats X and -Yare running by the lee, both on port tack. X is five feet clear astern of Y. Suddenly Y swings her boom across and the mainsail fills on her port side. lmmediately after Y’s mainsail fills, X luffs sharply and just avoids making contact with Y’s transom. X protests Y for gybing too close. You are on the protest committee; how would you decide this?


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Quiz 17 – Starting Line

Wednesday, May 7th, 2008

Two 25-foot starboard-tack boats, L (a leeward boat) and W (a windward boat), are approaching the right-hand end of the starting line, a 30-foot power­boat, to start an upwind leg. L has come in from clear astern within a length of W. Both boats are sailing close-hauled, with L on a course to pass one boat length to leeward of the race committee boat. Ten seconds before the start­ing signal and when two lengths from the race committee boat, L hails to W, “No room, you’re barging!” and luffs slowly to head to wind. W luffs in re­sponse and keeps clear. At the starting signal, L makes no effort to bear away despite W’s hail to do so. After five seconds W bears away, making slight con­tact (no damage or injury) with L, and starts. Both boats protest each other. You are on the protest committee; how would you decide this?


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