Quiz 17 – Starting Line

Two 25-foot starboard-tack boats, L (a leeward boat) and W (a windward boat), are approaching the right-hand end of the starting line, a 30-foot power­boat, to start an upwind leg. L has come in from clear astern within a length of W. Both boats are sailing close-hauled, with L on a course to pass one boat length to leeward of the race committee boat. Ten seconds before the start­ing signal and when two lengths from the race committee boat, L hails to W, “No room, you’re barging!” and luffs slowly to head to wind. W luffs in re­sponse and keeps clear. At the starting signal, L makes no effort to bear away despite W’s hail to do so. After five seconds W bears away, making slight con­tact (no damage or injury) with L, and starts. Both boats protest each other. You are on the protest committee; how would you decide this?


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