Japanese GP: Sebastian Vettel false start penalty escape explained

The FIA has clarified the start from pole position in the Japanese GP of Sebastian Vettel was not fulfilled with a punishment.
The hard-earned and impressive pole, attained in Suzuka of vettel, was compromised when the German wrapped forward in his grid , before the lights went out at the race.
Mercedes describe50-50 Hamilton phone
Position is lost by the double penalty of leclerc
Even though the car was stationary again before the five red lights went outside, Vettel promptly lost the lead into this fast-starting Valtteri Bottas – a position he had recovered, as the Mercedes driver secured a dominant win along with the Ferrari completed some 10 seconds behind in second place.
Vettels beginning was investigated by stewards during the race but deemed no action was demanded.
The Stewards examined video evidence and also the jumpstart report based on the information from the FIA accepted and provided transponder fitted to every car, read an FIA statement.
Whilst the video shows a few movement, that motion was within the acceptable tolerance of the F1 jump-start system which formerly defines a jump start a Article 36.13(a) of the FIA Formula One Sporting Regulations.
Vettel himself explained:This was my own mistake. It was worse than a bad beginning, it had been a very poor start.
Could Vettel have won otherwise?
Bottas ultimately appeared beyond both front-row-starting Ferraris, together with Leclerc and Vettel – who had been distracted by his own team-mate moving early – reaching that the first corner at second and third places.
Leclerc collided together with the impact pushing a pit stop and breaking the front of the Ferrari at the corner, with Max Verstappen.
However, Vettel reckons that even if Ferrari had been able to maintain their advantage at the start, theyd have been hard-pressed to keep Mercedes at bay.
It could have been a different race if we could have been first and second to Turn One, however, obviously it wasnt the case so we do not have to assert [about the result], Vettel informed Sky F1. Then, to be honest, it would have been hard to fight that the Mercedes off today because they were only faster.
When you are faster and you have just two stops you find one way or the other, either on trail or during strategy.
However, Vettel did maintain Hamilton behind in the final stages regardless of the world champion with more adorable tyres benefit.
In the end I knew when Lewis pitted that I just had to maintain a few tyres to the finish and that is what I did, explained the German driver.
I had quite a little pace in hand in the end however, the race was not determined by pace, it was determined by defensive driving and that is what I attempted to perform. Play our advantage with a car down the straights.
I think we could be pleased with that. We had a very good morning but a good day in terms of team performance in general.
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