WWE Raw: Bayley turns heel with vicious steel chair attack on Becky Lynch

Bayley’s times as a WWE fan favorite came to an finish on last night’s Raw as she assaulted Becky Lynch with a chair.
Bayley and lynch have found themselves as the SmackDown women’s winners paired to take over the WWE women’s label winners Nikki Cross and Alexa Bliss at Raw’s key event.
The game ended when Sasha Banks – who had been at ringside following her title challenge to Lynch to get Clash of Champions was approved before in the show – laid the celebrity out .
Such brutality is getting a theme that is common with Banks after her return after a four-month hiatus that is post-WrestleMania and it was no shock to watch Bayley block the attack and take the chair from her.
But then came the spin – with Lynch grounded, chair shot obligation was taken over by Bayley and obtained in several hits of her own, as Banks watched on with a grin.
Wyatt: I’ll see you
In perhaps the most contentious Firefly Fun House to date, Bray Wyatt abandoned his followers with a departing macabre message:”I will see you in Hell.”
The edition also included another appearance from the Vince McMahon-styled devil, that threatened to fire Wyatt before he gave him a little money to eat.
Wyatt also briefly mentioned Seth Rollins and Braun Strowman, stating”in another lifetime they took something really beloved from me”, a remark which will fuel further speculation which Wyatt could be involved in a Universal title match shortly.
Triple danger of the Ring semis in King
The King of the Ring tournament’s semi-final will be a triple threat match a week after a finish to among Monday’s quarter-finals.
Baron Corbin’s success was clear-cut – he survived a remarkable performance by Cedric Alexander – that also included a remarkable Michinoku Driver to the guy that is much larger – to take the win with an End of Days.
However, the end to this match between Samoa Joe and Ricochet was more cloudy, with both guys draping an arm round the other at top turnbuckle ended with both men following a Coquina Clutch.
Corbin felt this should have meant a clear route however, the message from WWE management was instead it will be a bout on the show of the next week.
Trouble for both Rollins and Strowman?
The contract signing for the Universal title match involving Braun Strowman and Seth Rollins didn’t pass without incident, even once the OC came to present the claim that AJ Styles has been a deserving competitor for the champ compared to Strowman.
Styles awakened the contract, resulting in an impromptu match between the tag-team winners and Luke Gallows along with Karl Anderson along with a brawl involving all five men.
Rollins & Strowman utilized a unique combination of speed and strength to claim the success but the chemistry faltered past that, however, as Strowman inadvertently trucked Rollins at a post-match scrum, resulting in a joint beating against the full OC and Dolph Ziggler & Robert Roode, that will challenge for the belts at Clash of Champions.

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