Live Betting Soccer Rules

All odds are subject to fluctuation and unless otherwise specified the odds are based on the result at’full-time’ (the phrases’full-time’,’90 minutes perform’ and’normal time’ are all used to denote the period of drama including injury time but not scheduled extra time, penalty shoot-outs etc).

When live betting is available there’s usually a delay in satellite transmission, therefore we reserve the right to repay any wager placed inside the five second period following a goal was scored or a penalty awarded at revised odds that reflect the state of play once the wager was hit or void the wager if the marketplace is already determined.

All markets (except halftime, first half markets, extra time and penalty shootout) are considered for regulation time only (90 minutes of regulation and injury time).

Unless otherwise stated, markets do not contain.

If a match is interrupted and continued within 48 hours after the initial kick-off, all open bets will be settled with the final outcome. Otherwise bets are considered void.

Regulation 90 Minutes: Trade are derived from the result in the conclusion of a scheduled 90 minutes of play unless otherwise stated. This includes any extra injury or stoppage time but does not include penalty or extra-time shootout.

Settlement and Cancellation Rules
If a market stays open when the following events have already taken place: intentions, crimson or yellow-red cards and penalties, we reserve the right to void betting.

If a marketplace was opened with a missing or wrong red card, we reserve the right to void betting.

We reserve the right to void betting, When chances were provided with an incorrect match time.

If a match is postponed or interrupted, all unsettled bets will be cancelled unless the marketplace is already determined.

We reserve the right to void betting In the event category or the group names are displayed incorrectly.

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