Best Online Gambling for Europeans

Europeans would be the lucky ones when it comes to a lot of things, including in regards to online gambling. Outside third-world nations, the countries which make up Europe have the most diverse options and choices when it comes to online gambling. Not only do Europeans have access to the largest online bookmakers, casinos, and poker rooms, but in addition they have access to a handful of niche websites that are specifically targeted to their countries.

Options are great, as you’re bound to get what you’re looking for, or something close to it. Alternatives may also make the process of locating a new online gaming home somewhat overpowering, as it’s easy to get lost with each the choices. To make your life easier and get you to the perfect path, we have put together a brief list of our favourite and most trusted online gaming sites that are specifically catered to European gamers. These sites also offer some great bonuses to new players, in addition to excellent retention bonuses to keep you around. We maintain this list continuously updated to make sure we don’t leave off any sites that come out with any new features or bonuses that you are able to gain from.
The biggest question we constantly hear from fresh gamblers or knowledgeable gamblers new to internet gaming is whether or not online gambling is legal. It’s 100% legal in many countries in Europe to gamble online. Europe as a continent does not have any online gambling legislation in place, therefore any particular laws or regulations will be dependent on the country that you live in.

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