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Betting on sports is illegal in Wisconsin, and to complicate matters further, the country has a transmission law that can be stated to apply to internet sports betting. The state doesn’t permit any reside bookie to function in its own jurisdiction, and it’s illegal for citizens to put bets with these bookies. On the other hand, the state has no laws prohibiting residents from betting at abroad online bookies. These overseas bookmakers give Wisconsin sports bettors a comparatively safe and convenient way to wager on the Green Bay Packers along with other popular teams without needing to worry overly much about legalities.
On this page, we’ve given Wisconsin bettors all of the information they need regarding online sports gambling laws in their state. This page informs residents how to bet safely and legally on their favourite sports events. A list of legal foreign online bookies is also available for bettors’ gain.
Is it Licensed to Bet on Sports in Wisconsin?
Betting anything of value online sports events, either using a live bookie or even with an internet bookie, is prohibited in Wisconsin. On the other hand, the nation’s laws are mostly directed at operators, not players. Wisconsin bettors can always take advantage of these inadequacies to gamble legally on sports events at online sportsbooks that aren’t based in Wisconsin, but in countries far away.
Live bookies are not supposed to be functioning in Wisconsin per the State Constitution. The nation just does not license and authorize anyone to run live or online bookie companies in its own jurisdiction. If bettors insist on dealing with dwell bookies, they must do this at their own risk. The most secure and the most legal way to bet online sports events in Wisconsin is by registering at online bookies licensed by offshore regulatory bodies.
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Will Wisconsin Residents Get into Trouble for Placing Bets Online?
Wisconsin residents won’t get into trouble for putting bets on sports events in offshore online sportsbooks. Although online sports gambling is illegal in the state, it does not take legal actions on offshore online sports betting sites that operate outside its own jurisdiction. There have no records of a resident getting charged for online sports betting in Wisconsin.
The internet bookies we urge are best for Wisconsin residents as they are not established within the nation. They are based out Wisconsin and therefore are regulated by the gambling laws of jurisdictions far way. Although they accept Wisconsin residents, they don’t technically violate any United States laws being located abroad. Wisconsin residents should not get into trouble as long as they adhere to the bookmakers we have recommended for them.
Where Would Wisconsin Residents Bet Sports Online?
Wisconsin residents can put bets online at any one of the international online sportsbooks we have listed below. Our team of specialists has carefully researched each of these sportsbooks to make sure they are licensed and controlled and belong to esteemed bookmaking businesses. You may rest assured that these sportsbooks provide the best possible gaming encounter in a safe and secure setting.
Online Sportsbooks That Accept Wisconsin Residents
Bovada Sportsbook — Open To Those Living In Wisconsin
Bovada SportsbookBovada Sportsbook is the very best internet bookmaking product for those interested in NFL, NHL, NBA, and college sports gambling. Bovada Sportsbook offers futures, lines, spreads, props, and other types of bets, many of which are not available at other online bookies. New bettors are welcomed with bonuses worth up to $250 when betting on sportsbetting and if existing or new bettors face any issue they can always get the site’s customer care agents at any hour of the night or day. Bovada Sportsbook’s customer service system can be found via live chat, toll-free phone, and an internet contact form.
Licensed in Kahnawake in Canada, Bovada Sportsbook is home to an energetic community of US bettors mainly since it takes deposits through reliable and trustworthy US friendly payment methods. Among the most attractive characteristics of Bovada Sportsbook is your 50% Welcome Bonus that will charge your account with up to $250 instantly. You may join at Bovada Sportsbook today.
SportsBetting.ag — Lifetime Bonuses For Wisconsin Residents
SportsBetting SportsbookUS bettors are fond of Sportsbetting.ag since, unlike other online bookies, it does not stop at offering new customers a deposit bonus. As long as bettors remain at Sportsbetting.ag, they will get a lifetime bonus of up to 50% whenever they make a deposit. New players may of course still redeem a 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000 with code SB1000.
Besides, there are very few sports events that Sportsbetting.ag fails to cover. It’s one of the greatest internet bookies for wagering on NFL, NBA, and other league sports occasions. Sportsbetting.ag also has excellent odds on college sports events. The internet bookie is home to a wide assortment of bets such as totals, spreads, lines, props, along with others.
The client support at Sportsbetting.ag is one of the best, offering 24/7 customer support through phone, email, and live chat. Since Sportsbetting.ag is a licensed and regulated website, it gives the highest importance to meeting industry standards. Bettors can therefore anticipate safe and secure online sports gambling experiences.
5Dimes Sportsbook — All Bettors In Wisconsin Allowed In 5Dimes
5Dimes Sportsbook, which is one of the most US friendly online bookies in the industry, offers online in addition to telephonic sports betting services. Besides, bettors can use the same account to utilize 5Dimes’ other services like racebook, lotto, and casino. Bettors in 5Dimes Sportsbook can place lines, straights, spreads, and other stakes on a wide selection of sports events at any given time of the night or day. In case of problems, they can always use the online bookie’s 24/7 customer support system.
5Dimes Sportsbook is a new belonging to some trusted and top-rated gambling firm. Besides a huge selection of betting options, the online sports betting site is home to attractive promotions such as new player bonuses, cashback, seasonal supplies, rewards for devotion, and many others.
There are not many sports that 5Dimes doesn’t cover. Besides gaining access to valuable betting information, US bettors can detect odds on favorite sports.
BetDSI — Happily Accepting Wisconsin Residents
BetDSI SportsbookIs there anything better than a Green Bay game? Why yes, there’s. Winning a wager on a Green Bay game. To do so, we recommend placing your wagers in BetDSI. Whether the Packers are having an incredible season or it’s another one of these seasons that makes ticket holders wish they got a discount to double-check from Aaron Rodgers, you may always bet on the game to make it simpler.
When you sign up at BetDSI, there are numerous promotions to choose from. The 100% New Member Bonus gives a 50% deposit match for sports together with a 50% match for casino games. You can even take advantage of depositing money and their cash loyalty program.
This online sports betting site is situated in San Jose, Costa Rica. It’s been accepting US bettors from all 50 states since 1998. When you sign up for an account in BetDSI, you are qualified for welcome bonuses as well as other prizes which will keep you coming back for more. Their incredible choice of sports to bet on go way beyond just the Packers. You’ll discover traces on each game you can imagine, in addition to a couple of you had no idea you can bet . BetDSI is the greatest online sports betting site for Wisconsin residents.
Best Online Sportsbooks That Accept Wisconsin Residents
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Dimes Sportsbook Review 50% Up To $520
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Wisconsin Sports Betting Laws
Wisconsin includes a transmission law which can probably apply to online sports betting also. According to the law, the transmission of betting information over the Internet is unquestionably illegal. In any case, Wisconsin is also regulated by the federal-level Wire Act of 1961, which most definitely renders online betting illegal. But, it is worth noting that all these laws are vague and unclear. Moreover, they focus more on controlling the operation of bookmaking businesses and are least interested in the actions of individual bettors. It’s also worth noting that the state, up to now, hasn’t succeeded in utilizing its laws to violate individual bettors who put bets online.
While Wisconsin may not have any sports gambling laws which prohibit or prevent or even make mention of this action of gambling on sports, there are laws that prevent gambling online. In accord with W.S.A 945.01 https://docs.legis.wisconsin.gov/statutes/statutes/945/01 of Wisconsin’s state code, employing a”wire telecommunication facility” in order to place wagers is deemed unlawful. We do take this to imply that online gambling is unlawful in the state of Wisconsin.
Technically, this means that using the internet to put a bet on a sporting event in Wisconsin is also illegal. While there have been no arrests in the state of Wisconsin as it comes to gambling on sports on the internet, this is the legislation and we do not advocate activities that would be in direct breach of Wisconsin sports gambling laws.
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Are Online Sportsbooks Accepting Wisconsin Residents Regulated?
Wisconsin doesn’t permit, authorize, or permit any bookmaking business to run live or online bookie companies in its own jurisdiction. There are lots of offshore online bookies that accept Wisconsin bettors, but none of them are controlled by Wisconsin. Since the country hasn’t legalized sports gambling, it’s in no position to regulate any bookie business, offline or online.
Although none of the offshore online bookies listed on this webpage are licensed in Wisconsin, players need not be concerned about the security and safety of putting bets with those online bookies. Though not governed by Wisconsin, these offshore online bookies are controlled in gambling jurisdictions away and are therefore safe and legal. They belong to highly respected and trustworthy companies that go the extra mile to protect clients. Wisconsin residents may rest assured that they will never be cheated or tricked by some of the online bookies we recommend.
There’s Certainly No Lack Of Wisconsin Sports Team To Wager On…
Although betting on sports isn’t a condoned action by the Wisconsin state government, the people of this state are fond of sports such as baseball, soccer, basketball, and football. The country is home to several major and minor sports teams. Fortunately for gambling enthusiasts in Wisconsin, the state does not have legislation preventing them from gambling on the Milwaukee Brewers or the Badgers at legal foreign online bookmakers.
Wisconsin has specialist sports teams like the MLB Milwaukee Brewers, the NFL Green Bay Packersas well as the NBA Milwaukee Bucks. The country has some highly effective collegiate teams too, such as the Badgers of the Wisconsin University.
Wisconsin Online Sportsbooks FAQ’s
What’s the greatest sports betting mistake citizens make?
The largest sports gambling mistake which Wisconsin residents make is following the crowd. If it comes to looking in chances, you have to know it is nothing more than a reflection of how people are betting. So when you find the group you wanted to wager on with longshot odds, don’t let this discourage you. It just means there are not very many people gambling on them. Do not be a lemming. Follow your gut, not the audience. Especially if you’ve completed your research before going to put your bet.
What’s the spread?
The spread is quite a few things obtained in the chosen and given to the underdog in a contest. If you bet the spread, you’re either gambling the favorite will win by more than the predetermined number, or that the underdog will lose less than the predetermined quantity. The spread is an interesting method to wager on the match. You are choosing a winner based on a different set of points than just the score.
By way of instance, when you bet the spread into a soccer game. Let’s state the Green Bay Packers will be the three-point favorites against the New York Jets. They’d need to win by over 3 points to cover the spread. Conversely, the Jets would either have to lose by less than 3 points or win the game outright. If the final score is 21-14 Green Bay, then the chargers covered the spread. However, when its 21-20 Green Bay, the Jets cover and win the bet.
How old must I be to wager at a sportsbook?
Usually, an online sportsbook will accept you long since you are 18 decades old or older. We recommend that US bettors follow their state’s age requirement, though. Luckily, in Wisconsin, the legal gambling age is 18.
Is Sports Betting Legal In Wisconsin?
Wisconsin doesn’t have legal sports gambling in their state. They have laws in place that penalize those who are placing a bet with a local bookie or are at a gaming place where they are planning about putting a bet. There are different forms of gaming that are totally legal in the country, but sports gambling a choice which isn’t legal.
Where Can I Bet On Sports In Wisconsin?
On account of the fact that sports betting in the State of Wisconsin is on lawful, a resident looking to place a wager must venture toward other options. The only real viable and safe option for a resident to take would be to bet utilizing an internet offshore sports book website. These websites are from Wisconsin jurisdiction because they are offshore, but nevertheless enable the player the full choices of sports to bet on and multiple betting types.
What Is The Betting Age For Betting Online In Wisconsin?
Betting on the internet is the State of Wisconsin is not legal, but you will find other safe options to think about in the event that you still need to place a bet online. Offshore online sports book sites are safe to use for Wisconsin residents. We recommend that for gambling online using these safe sites that you wait till you are at least 21 decades of age or older before you gamble online.
Can I Bet On Horses In Wisconsin?
While Wisconsin only has casino gambling as the main attraction for bettors in the country, they do have off-track betting as well. Wisconsin doesn’t have some horse racing tracks in the state, but it’s still possible to bet on the horse races via a couple of those tribal casinos in the region. You may need to hunt down the particular casinos that provide horse racing, but it’s a small price to pay for your gaming pleasure.
Can I Bet On Sports At A Tribal Casino?
You can bet on the casino table games which are provided at the casinos and they also offer slot games there too. You can’t, however, bet on sports in a casino. There haven’t been any laws in Wisconsin which enable you to bet on sports in these casinos. It is ideal to play it safe and just bet online with a normal offshore online sports betting book website and wait till there’s a law passed that will enable legal sports gambling at tribal casinos.
Is there some legislative interest in legalizing sports gambling in Wisconsin?
At this time, there doesn’t appear to be any imperative to get sports betting legislation passed in Wisconsin. However, even though there are no recent bills being proposed in the WI legislature, it seems inevitable that the country will eventually put forward a proposition to legalize sports wagering at equally land-based and internet venues.
Can I wager on sports in tribal casinos in Wisconsin?
No, you cannot bet on sports in tribal casinos in Wisconsin. While the Class III tribal compacts don’t explicitly exclude sports gambling from the list of approved gambling, the state has precluded this requirement by banning bookmaking outright. Thus, despite their compacts, the tribes in WI cannot offer such. You may read more about Wisconsin’s tribal compacts here.
How much money do Cheeseheads wager on the Packers?
A whole freaking lot! Seriously, there’s an absolutely fanatical Green Bay following in Wisconsin, and they are equally as enthused about wagering on the Packers since they’re about watching them at the freezing cold. It’s estimated that there are approximately 1 million sports bettors in Wisconsin, and also the huge majority of them are Packers homers through and through. Even by conservative estimates, WI residents turn a handle of $2-3 billion to their favorite hometown team each year.
When will sports gambling be legalized in Wisconsin?
It’s difficult to say when sports gambling will actually be legalized in WI. Official approval of this pastime is not a priority for the present legislature, even though that could change — particularly if neighboring countries legalize the activity and cause WI occupants to send additional money from their state. Additionally, there are some interesting questions about how to authorities Packers owners when it comes to wagering. Remember, the Packers are the sole publicly-owned NFL team. As such, given the league’s rules, there will need to be particular consideration on how best to proceed.
Will Wisconsin ever have legal online sports betting?
If (or rather, when) Wisconsin legalizes sports betting within its boundaries, they will surely offer online sports gambling also. Let us face it: If the country wishes to maximize involvement to maximize revenue, it will need to give its snowbound and icebound residents a simple way to bet at the dead of winter, especially given how popular NFL wagering is at the state.

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