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Boxing generates a substantial quantity of interest in the USA and is one of the most popular sports and Canada as a number of the best boxers in the sport have come from both of these nations.

Among the very best Canadian boxers ever would be Lennox Lewis who won gold and represented Canada at the 1988 Olympics. Lewis was the undisputed champion.

Some of the top boxers include Donovan Ruddock who fought with Bermane Stiverne, Arturo Gatti, Jean Pascal and Mike Tyson.

Recommended Canadian Sports Betting Sites For Boxing
To ensure you get an unsurpassed gaming encounter when placing a Boxing bet, then we suggest you adhere to placing wagers at any one of our showcased betting websites under, each one is going to allow you to place wagers at CAD and those listed are also offering a range of new customer gambling bonuses and special offerings to welcome you onboard.
We all do naturally keep our site as up to date as possible in regards to the currently offered free bet bonuses offered from all of our betting sites, however sometimes a bonus free bet offer will shift before we have time to upgrade our website. So please double check the above offers remain valid by going to the website of the respective betting site whose bet offer is of interest to you!

Boxing in Canada
Boxing in Canada is regulated by the Canadian Professional Boxing Council (CPBC) but those claims have been contested by the National Championship of Canada (NCC) who claim they are the regulatory body. Boxing across the world is governed by a number of regulatory bodies including the World Boxing Association, World Boxing Council and the International Boxing Federation.

During this Boxing Betting Guide presented here on the website you will find advice about where and when and how to place a plethora of different Boxing related bets and wagers, so feel free to have a fantastic look through it!

Match Fixing in Boxing
Boxing is yet another game that’s been shrouded under the cloud of match fixing as both professional and amateur fights can get affected by external parties who bribe, threaten and manipulate fighters to throw matches, take drops, place into a below par performance and also cover the judges to score the fight the way they need it to go. This empowers illegal syndicates win a lot of money on boxing bets that are illegal and to determine the outcome.

There are loads of Boxing events run during the year on a continuous basis, and as such with events organised and commanded by such organisations in the World Boxing Association, the World Boxing Council and both the International Boxing Federation and the World Boxing Organization then you are not short of wagering opportunities!

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