Will Erik Karlsson be traded before the NHL Trade Deadline?

The Ottawa Senators may be listening to offers for franchise player Erik Karlsson and their captain and also the chances for him to be traded before the deadline are based on sportsbooks.
Online sportsbook BetOnline is offering odds on Karlsson’s fate, with Yes to being traded at +170 and No at -250.
Why would Ottawa want to exchange Erik Karlsson?
The Senators are currently last in the Eastern Conference and are awful this season. This is a massive fall from grace for the Sens, who came within one match of making the Stanley Cup last year. The writing appears to be on the wall for Ottawa, which could be close to reconstruct mode after coping defenseman Dion Phaneuf and his $7-million cap reach the Kings.
The Senators have made attempts to bolster their roster in recent memory by trading for Bobby Ryan and Matt Duchene but it would appear that those acquisitions have blown up in their face (Ryan has 20 points in 39 games and Duchene has 37 points in 58 games this year ). Ryan and duchene combine for over $13 million this season.
Now, the Sens’ cap space is tied up with plugs and forwards. With the clock ticking on the rest of Karlsson’s contract (he is a free agent after the 2018-19 season), Ottawa may be seeking to put on a king’s ransom in return for arguably the best defenseman in the NHL.
Where could Karlsson be traded?
Pretty much all 30 teams from the NHL would move mountains for Karlsson within their lineup. The Swedish defenseman has a no-trade clause in his contract that says he must list 10 teams on a”no-trade list.” As we won’t be relegated to the groups he listed, this will probably be only speculation and teams that may bend to the demands of the Senators will be few and far between (Vegas?) .
The asking price would be enormous for a participant of the caliber of Karlsson. Ottawa is expected to be looking for first-round picks and top-six forward and for its trading partner to take on Ryan’s albatross of a contract ($7.25 million per year through the 2021-22 season).
Karlsson has made it very clear to the Senators that he will not be giving a hometown discount if he was to re-sign with Ottawa, so any staff contemplating trading for him should go in thinking it would need to back up the Brinks truck to lock him up for the near future.

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