Storytime With Harry Gagnon

April 1

Where Jets head coach Paul Maurice and the Coyotes at Glendale, Arizona it was a game between the Jets and I butted heads.
Me and a buddy have season tickets directly behind the visiting bench and for years have attempted to bring a house team flair against the seeing foe. These seats are right from at which the visiting headset stands and the only thing separating us is that big bit of Plexiglas.
Between the bits of Plexiglas is about a quarter of an inch of distance so in case you shout or yell, the coach and players may hear what you say, no matter how loud it is in the arena.
So as for your match, Winnipeg opened the scoring with a goal by Andrew Ladd (his 23rd about the time ) and assisted by Bryan Little. The Coyotes tied it up so I gave it during the crack in the glass to Maurice.
The game goes on overtime and ends up tied . At this point I have had acouple of cocktails and Im riding Maurice challenging and actually at one stage that he gave me a smirk and then focused back to the next day session. In overtime, no goal was scored so now we were headed into a shootout.
Among the advantages to getting these chairs is really seeing what the trainers say and do. In overtime, the head trainer must provide a slide with the titles of the players he decides to participate in the shootout to the head .
If Maurice was producing out his slide, I bellowed everything from,Those guys are losers, intoYou call yourself a head coach, those guys f***ing suck, andIm a better skater than these chumps.
So when the official was passed that his slip by Maurice, he had enough of me and turned around and looked up and down wanting to think of something to say. I did have someloudly plaid shorts on with such as 18 different colours and he couldnt help himself but to say :Nice f***ing shorts.
My buddy and I couldnt think what we had heard and began laughing I was gotten under his skin so far better. The shootout started and Maurice had chosen Blake, Little and Ladd Wheeler to shoot Winnipeg. Obviously, Maurice left the phone and the Jets won the shootout.
What makes this story really amazing was that the moment the Jets won, he turned right around and just looked straight at me and now I could do is nod (basically telling him that he got me) and he then smiled and we actually possibly raised our fists and gave each other a fist bump through the glass.
I presumed that was cool of him because I attempted to become a house team influence kind of fan and he loved it. If they had lost, it may have moved another way but it did not and Maurice is still a head coach that was fun.

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