Brit model lured girls to your Playboy Mansion to own orgies with Hugh Hefner with medications and promising them popularity

Brit model lured girls to your Playboy Mansion to own orgies with Hugh Hefner with medications and promising them popularity

Ex-Page 3 woman, Zoe Paul, stated her method of impressing Hugh Hefner ended up being scouting for women if they went clubbing in Hollywood on Wednesdays and Fridays

A BRIT model has told exactly how she lured girls to orgies at Hugh Hefner’s Playboy mansion by plying these with medications and claims of popularity.

Zoe Paul had been the millionaire’s girlfriend along with his “scout” at groups — and states he previously an insatiable appetite for intercourse also at 74.

She states Hefner would pass around joints, simply just just take Quaaludes and Viagra before bedding as much as 17 girls a without protection night.

Zoe fears some girls she acquired were underage, adding: “It did bother me personally this one for the girls might grumble they’d been raped and drugged. ”

Londoner Zoe ended up being 22 whenever she first came across him following a Playboy shoot in 1998.

He paid ?35,000 in attorneys’ fees on her Green Card visa, as well as in 2000 she relocated to their Los Angeles mansion.

Zoe revealed: “There had been a complete large amount of competition between their seven girlfriends. All of us desired to make certain we had been the one he’d spoil the absolute most.

“My means of impressing him ended up being scouting for women once we went clubbing in Hollywood on Wednesdays and Fridays. We seemed for hot chicks We knew he’d like and brought them to their table.

“It ended up beingn’t difficult to cause them to belong to the trap. I’d say they appeared to be a model and really should take Playboy mag.

“Then I’d bring them over and introduce them as my gf and so the other girls would get rid of n’t them.

“At some point I’d ask the girl that is new come beside me into the bathroom.

“I’d pretend to pop a product and cause them to become simply take one too, saying it could cause them to feel confident and sexy.

“Then I’d invite them towards the mansion saying, ‘This is the way we all began, you will be a star’ that is huge.

“The youngest girls had been simple to manipulate. These people were hopeless to stay in the mag.

“I wasn’t checking IDs nonetheless it had been obvious that some are not 21 and old sufficient to be into the club. I’d guess the youngest was about 19.

“Before we got within the limo I’d let them know that which was planning to go down.

“i might say, ‘Listen, as we reunite it’s planning to get crazy and you’ll must have intercourse with Hef and do items to get their attention, or he can lose fascination with you’.

Ex-Page 3 girl Zoe added: “When we brought new girls back we’d see a change that is big Hef. He’d become just like the playboy he had been in the more youthful years.

“He’d be gentlemanly and gracious and provide girls a glass or two. But should they declined intercourse or had been resistant, he’d get mad and remove it on us. ”

Hefner’s girlfriend that is main at time had been US model Holly Madison, now 37.

She’s got previously revealed Hefner encouraged her to just just take the unlawful hypnotic sedative Quaalude.

Zoe said: “Hef always carried about ten Quaaludes and handed them away to his girlfriends. We kept spares them to the women I met so I could give. I’d stopped using them me feel sick as they made. But I’d tell the girls, ‘We all simply simply take them you should too’.

“A Quaalude is going to make you feel just like you’ve had ten beverages. You lose your inhibitions so that it had been the perfect medication to obtain the girls into the mood.

“At the mansion we’d stick to the routine that is same. We’d turn into underwear then go in to the room and offer vibrators. There have been mirrors in the roof and when new girls are there I would personally buy them champagne.

“By the time Hef entered in the dressing gown we will be stimulating sex and having fun with sex toys.

“Hef would normally pass around a joint we’d all smoke. He additionally took Quaaludes and Viagra. We don’t discover how many. Then we’d simply simply take turns sex that is having. With regards to was my get over the top I’d count two minutes within my mind as that’s just how long it might just take before he relocated to the following woman.

“I always encouraged girls become adventurous with Hef since the more they did the less I’d have actually to accomplish.

“They did my dirty work with me personally. ”

Mum Zoe, now 42, left the mansion in 2004 and relocated to Florida.

Hefner split up with Holly and hitched Brit model Crystal Harris, 31.

Zoe included: “Holly hated me. It had been as a result of her that We felt under some pressure to recruit for Hef — my Green Card had been on the line.

“I happened to be focused on getting STDs. Hef declined to also speak about security but there were evenings as he could rest with up to 17 girls.

“After the orgies we’d constantly go directly to the physicians to obtain tested. We don’t think anyone caught any such thing.

“Meeting Hef had been like winning the Lottery. We found love him and ended up being devastated as he passed away.

“I last talked to him couple of years ago whenever I called him to say hello – he could maybe perhaps not keep in mind whom I became.

“I don’t understand because he’d slept with so many girls if it was old age or.

It is extremely unfortunate exactly what occurred to him. “For me personally he had been a legend but”

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