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Brand New analysis reveals over 99 % regarding the females on Ashley Madison had been artificial

Tuesday, July 21st, 2020

Brand New analysis reveals over 99 % regarding the females on Ashley Madison had been artificial

If the Ashley Madison hackshit early in the day this it didn’t take long for researchers to begin poring over the details and data month. Influence Team, the team behind the hack, declared it was releasing the information and knowledge because Ashley Madison had lied in regards to the account that is male-female on its site. The hackers claimed that 90-95% of the accounts on Ashley Madison were male, with “thousands” of fake female profiles at the time. Brand New studies have shown this may are a dramatic underestimation.

Gizmodo’s Analee Lewis combed through the database, in search of tell-tale indications that the 5.5 million accounts that are female Ashley Madison had been artificial. Sure-enough, she discovered some, including IP details that revealed reports had been produced from and a huge number of records that indexed an email because their major contact point. These mail details had been also listed in sequential, bot-like style —,, etc.

One crucial little bit of information grabbed when you look at the drip had been the date that is last individual had inspected their particular emails. The field was completely blank if a user never checked their inbox. Should they signed in also once, that given information had been taped. Ashley Madison additionally registers the time that is last individual answered emails; this could be taken care of within a split area without really simply clicking the inbox, which is the reason why the info logs reveal various figures when it comes to ladies who checked mail versus replying up to a message. (more…)


Monday, May 21st, 2018

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