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Why Amsterdam Might Clamp Down on Weed and Intercourse Work

Saturday, April 4th, 2020

Why Amsterdam Might Clamp Down on Weed and Intercourse Work

Proposals to ban cannabis for tourists and relocate the district that is red-light considerably reshape the town’s anything-goes image.

Could a large center that is“erotic be the near future for Amsterdam’s intercourse industry? Amsterdam City Hall recommended this proposition in a letter that is recent the town’s council. Nonetheless it’s not quite just exactly what it appears like. Instead than double down in the city’s reputation for the available display of intercourse employees, the proposition would push intercourse employees into the district that is red-light towards the suburbs, where they might work with a purpose-built center with interior window booths, strip clubs, and some other amenities like restaurants and pubs.

The theory could possibly be section of a radical clean-up for the capital’s that are dutch center, one which would earnestly retool the town’s anything-goes image and only one thing altogether more orderly.

Early in the day this thirty days, Amsterdam’s Mayor Femke Halsema floated another proposition in a ban on international visitors purchasing cannabis from Amsterdam’s 170 “coffee stores” that likewise cluster when you look at the city’s heart. Element of an over-all inquiry commissioned by the mayor on producing a far more manageable town center, the proposition may be voted on by the city council in March, to most most most likely approval, offered Halsema’s secure position in the head of the coalition that is center-left. (more…)